Stay alert

Sometimes life is so delicate that if not taken care of it will end up worthless. Same as a seedling, when young it’s prone to all sorts of dangers which may end up ending its life. As you walk your journey towards your destiny, you need to take care in every aspect and make sure you don’t sell your dreams to procrastination and wrong influence. Always remember to be yourself and work for your own never be hired to work on someone else’s dreams.


Art of Creation

When I think of how this weaver bird builds its house/nest I remains to wonder how intelligent it is. During creation we were all created with extraordinary abilities to explore and build empires for ourselves. We all need to have the will of going an extra mile, to burn our oil to the last drop💧💧 💧. Discipline is a basic need when it comes to achieve what we dreams of. The other time I said “Its much better to lose sight than losing your vision because you can live years without sight but can’t survive without a vision”.

Stay strong to conquer

The finest gold is never purified using a candle, it is passed through hot flames until it emerges the most valuable mineral many can’t afford. Never give up before it’s done and never lose hope while miles away from the flames. Move ahead and prove your perfection. Raise your value until you become untouchable. Believe in yourself and never allow anyone to devalue your worth.

Trust God Always

Anybody can count the number of seeds but none can predict its production. It doesn’t matter what people sees in you and what they say, remember it’s God alone who holds your destiny and is the master designer of your future. Stay strong and never be afraid of facing your tomorrow.