Sense of direction

Every season bares different types of fruits that is to say that every season is designed in a unique way. When you fail to understand your seasons, your life remains barren. Those who are sensitive in identifying the shift of a particular season and how to operate while there always explore to higher dimensions.

Lazy sons

An old man wrote a will to his two sons, after my death demolish this house you will find a metal case down the foundation where you will find my savings to support the rest of your life. They started praying to God! Oh Lord Father our dad is too old, please take him to your kingdom. Two years later he died and buried immediately. The following day the house was demolished, they found a case with piece of paper written! If you are real men construct your own house. Laziness feeds no monkey.


In life there are levels that you have to pass through, at times some are tough for you to bare with. Remember that no matter how longer the night may seem to be morning must finally come. Fight like a lion to conquer darkness and aim at making it to the morning when you will be lifted high on top of the world for all to celebrate your success.